October 4, 2023

The new Hermès Kelly Doll Picto – Spring/Summer 2022 

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Small handbag with anthropomorphic pixel design

The original Kellydole, also known as Quelle Idole, debuted in 2000, designed as a way to commemorate the Millennium. The idea for it was sparked by a drawing of a sitting character sketched by Jean-Louis Dumas who, as any Hermès obsessive will tell you, was the beloved Executive Chairman of Hermès. 

They originally retailed for $2,500 and were produced in eight different colors, Orange H, Rouge H, Black, Noisette, Blue Saphir, Vert Olive, Vert Cru, and Rouge Vif. However, until 2004 they could be found on the resale market for not much than their original retail price, but in 2005 after they got discontinued, collectors immediately began to snatch every single one of them, driving up the demand to a whole new level. 

Fast forward 22 years and the Hermès Spring/Summer 2022 collection gives us this new modernized twist! The new Kelly Doll Picto is a totally new take on the Kellydole family. The new design delivers a pixel art style of the original Kelly Doll, it now comes with an optional shoulder strap and a little backpack! Yes, that’s right this tiny bag has its own backpack.

The new Kellydole comes in Epsom leather in two colorways: Mauve Sylvestre and Nata. They retail for $15,600 

Some people have pointed out that the design could have been inspired by the Hermès Jingle Games at Ginza Japan in 2018. When they used the crystal bricks of the Hermès Maison in Ginza to create this video-game-like display using pixel art. 

You can check the following video to have an idea of what it looked like:

During the event, some of the visitors got these rubber Kelly Doll charms:

Do you like this new take on the Kelly Doll and will you have one?
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